Remote Retreat

OSINT [250 pts]

This is the first OSINT (Open Source INTelligence) challenge I have done in a while. While I sometimes find these extremely frustrating, I also find them pretty worthwhile to do anyway.

The problem opens up telling us we are to find the location this photo was taken.

To solve the flag is pretty easy – you just have to click somewhere on the map and if its within 500 meters of the correct location, its correct.

Okay, lets get hunting. Right away we can see that there is a sign:

To me that looks like “tbe HAKA ba*” (the last letter was cut off) with the words “créperie snack” in caps below it.

First, I googled “créperie snack” and found some links to tripadvisor, but they pointed to france by the seaside. I entered in that as the flag but it was wrong, as I had figured.

I then started to google tbe HAKA ba, but to no avail. I then googled “HAKA créperie snack” and some somthing promising.

The TripAdvisor link led me to a collection of photos of a snack shop in France.

Taking a look through them, one photo caught my eye.

The HAKA Bar. That may be what I am looking for. His head covers the word, but I believe it also says CREPES, or something along those lines. The rest of the photos look similar too, the area and landscape look very similar to what we saw in the initial ctf image.

So now we just have to figure out where this shop is. Since these photos were taken in Morzine, France, I added that into the search terms.

This could be it, let me open it in google maps.

WIth this, I simply copied the link, and entered it into the location tool in the CTF page. I clicked in the general location of the bar, hit sumbit flag, and it worked.

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