Brick by Brick

OSINT [ 400 pts]

The ‘toughest’ OSINT problem at 400pts, didn’t turn out to be too tough.

It appears the story continues, and the man is still on the run. After intercepting an email, we get another photo.

It asks to find the town this is located at. Sounds fair enough, lets get searching.

First off, the red sign on the gate has some text.

I had a lot of guesses as to what it said, but my first original guess was that it said “Portal del Possi” Perhaps “Polsi”. However, this and variants of it resulted in nothing in my google searches.

Taking another look at the photograph, I noticed some flags. This may bring me a clue.

I did not recognize the flag immediately, but after a search I found out it was the flag of “Estelada”

I ended up not clicking the Wikipedia link and simply googled the flag name again, and resulted in this:

My eyes glanced at this particular word, “Països”

Perhaps that is the unidentifiable word on the sign? I thought I would give it a try.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-27.png

However, this turned out to be a dead end.

I searched once more for a more detailed description of the image we got, and I included the word “bridge” alongside the search term.

scrolling down, my eyes stumbled across one particular image…

This image is 100% the exact same image and bridge just at a different angle!

Luckily, Wikipedia always has good sources for their images.

After a google maps search, I found the location of this bridge

and put the link into the RACTF maps locator. It was correct.

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