Aneesh wants to acquire a summer bod for beach week, but time is running out. Can you help him create a plan to attain his goal?

nc 8008



gym.bndb (Binary Ninja DB)


Looks like you start at 211 lbs and you are trying to hit 180 lbs

Then it goes all the way up to day 7 and tells you if you reached to certain weight or not.


Looking at disassembly, goal is to get to 0xb4(180)

Activity Effects

1weight = weight – 4
2weight = weight – 1
3weight = weight – 5
4weight = weight – 3

To get to 180 lbs from 211, we need to lose 31 lbs. And we get 7 days.

If you choose Activity 3 six times Activity 2 once, we should hit 31.

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